Allergy Eyes

Red Eye     Red, itchy, watery eyes are sometimes associated with a runny nose.  These are common complaints of people with allergy eyes.  If you’ve used over the counter drops to “get the red out” and stop itching, you may want to consider a visit to us.


     Receiving the correct treatment for allergy eyes will greatly improve your symptoms and will prevent any damage long term use of non-prescription drops may cause. 



Allergies     Often, allergy eye symptoms return at the same time every year.  If this is the case, you should see your eye doctor before the season starts so you can begin preventative therapy and not experience any symptoms during allergy season! 



     If your symptoms tend to be present year round or are more severe, your Optometrist can provide relief.  Some more severe cases of allergy eyes also involve flaking, burning or swelling of the eyelids and skin around the eye.  The most severe cases of allergy eyes may cause changes in the quality of your vision.  Treatment of this more severe, year round condition will not only improve your comfort and appearance but also keep your eyes healthy.