Computer Vision Syndrome

Snellen Eye Chart     It is estimated that approximately 130 million adults spend at least 3 hours on a computer each work day.  Take into account the additional time spent on cell phones, Blackberries and text messages and that adds up to a lot of time using various electronic products.  Computers are extremely visually demanding due to the pixilated images, glare from the screens and awkward head positioning.


     The American Optometric Association defines Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) as “the complex of eye and vision problems related to near work, which are related to computer use.”  Symptoms often include eyestrain, blurred near or distance vision, headaches, dry or irritated eyes, neck or backaches, light sensitivity or double vision.


Computer use     At our offices in Coventry, RI and Wyoming, RI we are familiar with the visual symptoms CVS can cause and how to alleviate them.  An appropriate eyeglass prescription for computer use along with an anti-glare coating, anti-glare filters and various ergonomic recommendations can greatly increase visual comfort during long hours spent on the computer.