Glaucoma is known as the “silent thief of vision” because it initially has no symptoms!  Only when glaucoma is in its advanced stages would you notice any vision loss.  The best way to detect glaucoma is during yearly eye exams with your eye doctor.


At Coventry Eye Care Associates, we have the most technologically advanced equipment to detect glaucoma early and prevent vision loss.  Glaucoma is a disease of the optic nerve and typically begins by affecting your peripheral vision.  Often, glaucoma is also accompanied by increased pressure inside your eyes.  This is NOT related to blood pressure!  Even if your blood pressure is low, you can still have glaucoma!During a glaucoma evaluation, your optometrist will evaluate the pressure inside your eye, your peripheral vision and the health of your optic nerve.  Your optic nerve is what undergoes damage in glaucoma.  This damage is what eventually leads to vision loss.


Field RoomHealthy Optic Nerve


Shown here is a visual field instument that will be used during a glaucoma evaluation to test peripheral vision.  An even more sensitive test called a GDX evaluates the thickness of the nerve layer surrounding the optic nerve.  The GDX, also pictured here, provides your optometrist with the most detailed information possible about your optic nerve.  Pictured here is an example of a healthy optic nerve. Did you know that people with thin corneas are at greater risk of glaucoma?


We take all the precautionary steps to evaluate each patients risk factors in order to prevent vision loss from occurring.


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