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Our optical centers are proud to offer you a large and diverse selection of designer frames.  Sport, sunglass and safety eyewear are also available, allowing everyone to find what they've always been looking for.

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Optical Office
Roland & Patient

We know that eyeglasses can be more than functional; they can be a fashion statement too.  That's why our highly trained and friendly optical staff will assist you in selecting the frame style and lens design that will best meet your personal lifestyle needs.

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Our optical lab has state-of-the-art fabrication equipment allowing us to make your glasses on site! We can offer better quality control and faster service. Minor repairs and adjustments are always welcome.


Denise & Patient
Denise & Patient

Working as a team, our doctors and opticians will ensure you get the best glasses for your comfort and vision.  We have the highest quality materials to ensure your satisfaction.  As you can see, each patient receives the best in personalized care from our staff!

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Our optical center carries exclusive designer lines from Vera Wang, Sean John, Calvin Klein, Gucci, Coach and many more!


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Our Optician can customize your lenses to fit your specific needs.
If you want Transitions® lenses that change color in the sun, Polarized sunglasses, custom tinted sunglasses, Crizal® anti-glare coating or Varilux® no-line bifocals we have them all!



Do I really need glasses?  Don’t glasses make your eyes weaker over time?

     The best judge of whether or not you need glasses is you!  If you are having difficulty performing the tasks you enjoy and glasses allow you to perform these tasks then… wear your glasses!
     It is a bit of a wives’ tale that glasses make your eyes weaker over time.  Certainly, wearing an inappropriate eyeglass prescription can strain your eyes and make them feel weaker. The basis of this belief stems from when people who never needed glasses before suddenly need reading glasses at age 40.  Then as they grow older, their glasses get stronger and they need them more.  By age 60 your glasses may be twice as strong as they were at age 40!
     This is NOT caused by the glasses.  Natural ageing changes increase the need for glasses, especially reading glasses.  Even if you did not wear glasses until age 60, the strength of your glasses would be equal to that of someone who started wearing them at age 40.  The only difference is the person who started at age 40 would have enjoyed many more years of clear vision!


What’s the difference between reading glasses from your office and the “cheaters” I buy at the drug store?

     Reading glasses are magnifiers, whether you buy them from a doctor’s office or from the drugstore.  There are a few major differences, though.  One of the most important is that glasses from your doctor’s office will be custom made for your eyes.  People are not perfectly symmetrical and there is often a different prescription needed in each eye.  Drug store readers can only provide the same prescription in both eyes.
     The distance between individual people’s eyes is also quite different.  Your eyes may be closer or further apart than the standard distance drug store lenses are set.  A pair of glasses from your eye doctor will be sized to perfectly fit your face.
     Finally, the quality of the optics (the way the light passes through a lens) is far superior in a lens purchased from your eye doctor’s office.  Drugstore lenses are more likely to have imperfections or slight distortions to the lenses.



For more information on various products offered or for general information about eyeglasses, please click on the following link for a video presentation:


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