Retinal Photography

A new standard is emerging in the practice of Optometry in the use of retinal and optic nerve digital photography. Using this technology, your optometrist can capture a wide angle image of the retina, typically through undilated pupils.  Although the photo may be taken through an undilated pupil, your Optometrist may also choose to dilate your eyes.  Dilation still provides the most thorough examination of the eye.


Pictured here, a patient has retinal photography performed by our highly trained staff member.  The results are a high quality digital photograph, like the one shown here, depicting a healthy optic nerve and retina.


Retinal Photos RoomRetinal Image



Your optometrist will evaluate the images to look for signs of optic nerve and retinal disease.  Retinal photography can be very important for tracking chronic eye diseases like diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and macular degeneration.  By looking at photos from previous years, your optometrist can look for changes over time and determine if more aggressive treatments are necessary.