Services & Products

The doctors and staff at our offices provide a wide range of comprehensive medical eye care services and products that include, but not limited to the following:

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Eye Health Services:
 •  Comprehensive Medical Eye Examinations
(Children, Adults, Seniors)
 •  Computer Assisted Testing

Contact Lenses & Eyeglasses

 •  Diabetic Eye Exams 
 •  Macular Degeneration Testing
 •  Dry Eye Syndrome Treatment
 •  Glaucoma Diagnostics and Treatment
 •  Cataract Evaluation and  Surgical Co-management
 •  Eye Emergency Treatment
 •  Foreign Body Removal
 •  Laser Vision Correction Co-management
 •  Retinal Digital Imaging
 •  Computer Vision Syndrome/Treatment
 •  Color, Depth and Macular Testing
 •  Surgical Referral Network


     Dr. Richard Liner

Contact Lens Service and Products:
 •  Contact Lens Fittings of all Types
(soft, astigmatic, multifocal, hard)
 •  Dry Eye Contact Lenses and Services
 •  Custom Contact Lens Design
 •  Contact Handling and Lens Care Instruction
 •  Quality Contact Lenses from major manufacturers
 •  Frequent Replacement Programs
 •  Daily Disposable
 •  Astigmatic Soft Contact Lenses
 •  Multi-focal Soft Contact Lenses
 •  Soft Astigmatic/multi-focal Contact Lenses
 •  Gas Permeable Hard Contact Lenses
 •  Gas Permeable Multi-focal Contact Lenses


 Optical Services and Products:
 •  Prescriptions filled
 •  Optical Lab quality control
 •  Professional and friendly fittings
 •  Designer frames by : Coach, Gucci, Harley Davidson and more
 •  Fashion Sun Wear
 •  Children’s Frames and lenses
 •  Hypo-allergenic frames
 •  Progressive lenses by Varilux®
 •  Polycarbonate lenses:  safest and thinnest
 •  Sport frame and Lens Design
 •  Custom computer/desk glasses
 •  OSHA safety eyewear
 •  Shooting lenses and frames
 •  Quality Coatings:
        Combo by Crizal®
        UV Blocking
        Personalized Sun Tinting


Custom, personalized and modified services are often provided to anyone that requires it.

We are honored to serve you and your family.