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Eye Care Services

The doctors and staff at our offices provide a wide range of comprehensive medical eye care services and products. We invite you to take this opportunity to become acquainted with us before you arrive at the office and read more about what 20/20 vision really is or what to expect from your exam. Show your kids that getting an eye exam is no big deal! Click on a service below to learn more or click here to browse our video gallery.

Eye Health Services:

Contact Lens Service and Products:

  • Contact Lens Fittings of all Types (soft, astigmatic, multifocal, hard)
  • Dry Eye Contact Lenses and Services
  • Custom Contact Lens Design
  • Contact Handling and Lens Care Instruction
  • Quality Contact Lenses from major manufacturers
  • Frequent Replacement Programs
  • Daily Disposable
  • Astigmatic Soft Contact Lenses
  • Multi-focal Soft Contact Lenses
  • Soft Astigmatic/multi-focal Contact Lenses
  • Gas Permeable Hard Contact Lenses
  • Gas Permeable Multi-focal Contact Lenses

Optical Services and Products:

  • Prescriptions Filled
  • Optical Lab Quality Control
  • Professional and Friendly Fittings
  • Designer Frames
  • Fashion Sun Wear
  • Children’s Frames and Lenses
  • Hypo-allergenic Frames
  • Progressive Lenses
  • Polycarbonate Lenses: safest and thinnest
  • Sport Frame and Lens Design
  • Custom Computer/desk Glasses
  • OSHA Safety Eyewear Shooting Lenses and Frames
  • Quality Coatings: Anti-glare, Anti-scratch, Polarization, Photo-chromatic, UV Blocking, Personalized Sun Tinting
  • Blue-light Blocking Coating

Our Services

Senior's Vision

As we grow older the importance of regular eye care becomes more critical. Preventative care is the key to a lifetime of clear vision.
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Children's Vision

Children often require a special touch when visiting the doctor’s office and the eye doctor is no different! 
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Eye Emergencies

Emergency eye care requires immediate professional service.  We consider any sudden changes in your eye health, such as flashes of light, vision loss, or foreign substances, an eye emergency. 
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Dry Eye Syndrome

At our Dry Eye Center, Dr. Thomas Liner and Dr Richard Liner provide the highest level of expert Dry Eye Services utilizing the most up-to-date and aggressive treatment options available. 
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Eye Allergies

Receiving the correct treatment for allergy eyes will greatly improve your symptoms and will prevent any damage long term use of non-rx drops may cause. 
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Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are truly the best non-surgical alternative to wearing eyeglasses. We provide state-of-the-art materials and the highest quality of care to our contact lens patients.
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Optical Center

Our optical centers are proud to offer you a large and diverse selection of designer frames.
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What to Expect

Welcome to the Coventry Eye Care Tour. We invite you to take this opportunity to become acquainted with us before you arrive at the office.
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Color Blindness

Color blindness is usually present from birth and tends to run in families. Learn more about color blindness and why vision changes by clicking the button below.
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What is 20/20 Vision?

Want to learn more about what 20/20 vision means? An individual with 20/20 vision can see at 20 feet, an individual with “standard 20/20” vision can see at 100ft. 
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Pupil Dilation

Pupil dilation is a procedure that the doctor may choose to utilize in order to get a more thorough view of the retina (back of the eye). 
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Retinal Photography

A new standard is emerging in the practice of Optometry in the use of retinal and optic nerve digital photography.
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